Cyprian Fletcher

Commander of Sanctuary


Fletcher has a thick mop of cropped grey hair and moustache. He is always impeccably dressed and maintains an extremely orderly office, which he is known to patrol like a drill sergeant. Although he cuts a prim and imposing figure, he is actually a personable character with a keen intelligence and remarkable memory.


Rear-Admiral Cyprian Fletcher, formerly of Royal Navy Intelligence, is the current Head of Operations at Rushbrooke Fletcher Intelligence Analytics, aka ‘Sanctuary’. After a respectable but not particularly stellar career in Naval Intelligence, Fletcher retired in 2001 and set up ‘Sanctuary’ with his friend Adrian Rushbrooke.

Rushbrooke has since left Sanctuary and Fletcher now controls the organisation from its London HQ.

His employees call him Admiral, or Nelson, when he’s not listening. His official title in Sanctuary is Commander.

Cyprian Fletcher

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