Kore Sands

Driver, Thief, Shooter, Rebel. Rich girl gone wild.


Drive: Thrillseeker

Symbol: XL Large, worn & smelly T-Shirt, “Deadly Cuddles” bandname
Solace: Payton – older sister, protector, wise counsel. Steady rock.
Safety: Squat in West London

Physical Description

Aged 25 (DOB 11/08/1990)

Height 5’8”
Weight 60kgs (9.5 stone)
Eyes Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Dress style
Tattoos Few on back, wrist
Jewellery Silver, pierced ears. Pierced nose, healing over.
Smokes Yes.

Short, asymmetric hair cut, brunette. Shaved side with longer mane on top, dyed deep red. Holes from nose and ear piercings.
Has extensive scarring on back from a motorbike accident, tattoos on upper arms, back & ankle.


Father works in banking across Europe.
Mother Arianna Sands (nee Latsis)
Daughter of Greek shipping family. Had career as a model and then jewellery designer.
Highly strung.

Sister (older – 28)
Payton Cooper (nee Sands)
Corporate lawyer – firm ?
Lives in Kent with husband.
Rents out her London flat to Kore.

Brother (younger – 23)
Alex Sands
CEO of start-up
Connections in Budapest

She robbed a location that no street thief should have been able to get into, she was tracked down by SIS who thought it must have been foreign agency activity. She also realised someone was onto her, and fearing serious repercussions, offered to hand the stolen documents back. they wanted to recruit her into the Secret Service.

She formally joined at 20, passed training easily apart from the book learning, gradually earned more trust than anyone expected (including her) and learned to take responsibility. Orientated to act before thinking, and learning by doing not by reading, she did well at the field operations, under tight management.

She worked in southern Europe/North Africa and on secondment in Mexico & Colombia, mainly on organised crime and drug cartel cases. She made friends and impressed senior people with her abilities. She also made enemies, not playing the political game and not fitting into the academic/thinking mindset.

Back in the UK after several years, she was benched for a few months while they found the next assignment.

She was moved to an desk based research role, this was actually a promotion and would lead back into field work, however she let it get to her.
The cubicle walls 9-5 and being near her old London haunts, with her old crowd again lead her into trouble.

She and a group invented/pioneered ‘ubex-cross’ as they called it. In disused buildings, train tracks and tunnels they held impromptu off-road motorbike races. Over several weeks these became crazier until an accident and a death.

Kore Sands

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