The Albanian Recurrence

Gabe stands on the roof of the guard hut, squinting at his colleagues crouched by the prison hut. Kore kneels at the door, tiny lockpicks moving in her fingers. Her pose and the light is the same as the night of their second date. Gabe smiles at the memory.

Gabe entered the restaurant at the top of the BT tower, central London. The room was decorated in a 70’s style, and they were reminded on booking to dress to match.
He wore a big suit, low cut trousers and Italian leather shoes with ridiculously long toes. The shirt was brash, large collar standing proud of the jacket.
The maitre d’ let him know his date hadn’t arrived yet, so he got a whiskey at the bar.

The lift doors opened again and Kore walked in. She was wearing a 70’s white cat suit – split to the waist. Gabe gulped his drink down.
They had a quick cigarette on a open air balcony, 20 stories above the city, then went to their table.
Gabe buries himself in the wine list, picking a Californian red. They are both more nervous than their first evening.
“Kore!” a man shouts over the background chatter. Kore turns, “Alex?” she says,”What you doing in London?”
Alex is her brother, he joins the couple without being invited. Two large bodyguards stand behind him.
He explains he had some problems in Bulgaria and had to leave on fear of death. He looks at Gabe and Kore, “You on a date?”
Kore says “Yes…”
Gabe tries to lighten the mood, joking with Alex’s bodyguards, who remain unamused.

A commotion at the door, attracts their attention. Burly masked men enter carrying SMG’s. People scream, they shoot their guns to get attention.
Their leader calls out “We are looking for Corey. Where is he?”

Alex stands up – “That’s me” Kore tries to grab him but he gets grabbed and taken to the lift down.
Kore starts to stand, but Gabe pulls her down, “Not now!” he whispers. She takes a steak knife off the table.

Alex is taken down in the lift. Kore pushes the lift call button, eventually it comes and they all ride down. At the bottom a car is disappearing into the dark city streets, leaving four guards in the lift lobby. Gabe pulls a pistal and shoots a fire-extinguisher, causing it to explode, covering two nearby goons in powder and foam. Frank punches another goon and takes his SMG as he falls. Kore angrily stabs the final guy through the eye-hole of his balaclava. Gabe nods appreciatively. Quips (?)

Frank slices the ear off one of the goons, “Come on” growls Gabe.

Kore grabs Gabe’s keys for his Audi Quattro parked in front of the tower. Frank and Gabe climb in and Kore floors it in pursuit.

Chasing through the London streets, the car in front is driving hard, Kore swerving on pavements keeping up. She punches buttons on the 8-track until Anarchy in the UK blasts out of tinny speakers in the doors.
Two VW camper-vans screech out behind, firing SMG’s at the Quattro. Gabe hangs out the back door, swinging around on seat-belts, returns fire blowing the front axle on one, Frank shoots at the car in front, damaging it.
At Blackfriars bridge the damaged car in front swerves and hits the bridge pillar. Goons bundle out, manhandling Alex with a bag on his head. They run towards the looming Tate Modern building south of the river. Gabe and Frank take off in pursuit a little way behind. The Albanians enter the gallery and the team lose sight of them. Inside, Gabe hears sounds from up the stairs, and they charge up the stairs. At the top there is a gunfight on the stairs, Frank kills one goon, Gabe pushes Kore out of the way of a shot, taking it himself in the back. The remaining goons have disappeared through a door to the roof.

The chop-chop sound of a helicopter is getting louder. On the roof the hooded Alex is standing, with other goons. A short gun-fight, and Kore grabs Alex, pulling the hood off – it’s not Alex.
The helicopter comes over and destroys the roof with a minigun – Frank fires at the heli, a perfect shot, it dips but flies away.

Phone call, meet at the Battersea Peace Pavilion. So the team get guns. Lots of guns. Cherry Bomb plays on the radio, Gabe looks down a shiny grenade launcher barrel at Kore, checking it’s clean. Frank pushes bullets one by one into an AK74 magazine, Kore handing them to him. Kore snaps the shoulder clasps shut on her body armour.
She gives them both a stern look “Don’t hurt my brother.”

They arrive at the pavilion hours before the agreed meeting. Gabe and Frank climb up onto the sloping pagoda roof, taking sniper positions.

Kore waits at the front, on the entrance steps, watching.

“Movement to the left” Gabe calls, “Sniper on right” Frank says. Cars approach, headlights lighting up the trees in the park. Two soft coughs as Gabe and Frank shoot the approaching snipers.

Three cars brake hard thirty feet from Kore, and goons pile out. The headlights make visibility difficult, but she sees Alex handcuffed and blindfolded.
“Walk forward and we will swap” the goon leader shouts.

Kore walks slowly forward, Alex steps forward toward her. She listens to Gabe and Frank in her earpiece. When she is close to Alex, Gabe calls “Grenade coming”, and the lead car explodes, lifting in the air.
Automatic weaponry fills the air, Kore dives on Alex, covering him. Bullets thunk into her body armour, wounding her.
Frank and Gabe lay down fire, taking goons out quickly. Then the pavilion explodes as a chopper flies overhead. Kore watches Gabe continue to fire at the ’copter as he falls through the flames.

As the debris rains down, Kore is shot in the stomach, below the body armour. She starts bleeding badly. Frank crawls out of the rubble and shoots the helicopter – black smoke starts pouring out of the engine. The chopper sinks low, and scoots away.

The Albanian leader walks up to Kore on the ground, his gun raising. There’s a gunshot, and Gabe’s bullet takes him between the eyes, he drops.


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