The Ghorbanifar Collusion

An independent intelligence organisation, Rushbrooke Fletcher Intelligence Analytics – also know as ‘Sanctuary’ by its employees, is given a contract by the CIA to track down and secure an person of interest. They are given two names: ‘Duchess’, the target and ‘Grigorovich’, who is in some way connected to Duchess. It is their job to figure out how they are connected and where they are.

At the same time, Gabriel La Fleur, recently arrived in London on the trail of clues pertaining to his sister’s death, is looking for work. An old contact in Solntsevskaya Mafia, Dmitry Luzhin offers him a place on small bodyguarding gig going down later that day.

The Sancutuary agent’s investigation soon reveals that Duchess arrived by private jet from Turkey. They also find that Grigorovich is one Anton Grigorovich, recently arrived from Romania, overland via the Eurostar. Upon arrival he made contact with members of the Albanian Mafia and then disappeared.

Head of Ops, Jim Ellis learns from an old MI5 friend that Duchess is the code name for one Shohreh Ghorbanifar. It is believed she is involved with Iranian arms dealing. Current whereabouts are unknown. MI5 claim to be unaware of a deal going.

Further detective work turns up Ghorbanifar’s accommodation in London – a suite in 45 Park Lane. Investigating the suite yields a hidden recording device, setup by the staff presumably for the possibility of blackmail. The recording there on reveals that Ghorbanifar was organising the the refitting of a house in Ennismore Gardens.

Meanwhile Gabe arrives with the Russians to an address in Ennismore Gardens. He’s greeted by a wheelchair-bound elderly woman in a hijab, which partly conceals significant facial scarring. She cuts an imposing figure despite these ailments. She informs Gabe and the Russians that they are to oversee a transaction at the house that day.

Soon, a shaggy grey-haired man Grigorovich arrives and though he enters a brief conversation with Ghorbanifar, it soon becomes clear he hasn’t come to pay for what Ghorbanifar is selling. A long and bloody battle ensues, while Ghorbanifar and Gabe retreat to a safe room. Grigorovich drives off the Russians and lays siege to the safe room.

Arriving outside, Jim, Aisha and Kore witness the immediate aftermath of the battle and make their own way inside, successfully putting down the Albanians and forcing Grigorovich to retreat. The make contact with Ghrobanifar and Gabe and convince them they can offer safe extraction from the country. Fletcher and team at Sanctuary arrange air travel from Heathrow and the team prepare to flee when suddenly a force of anti-terror police begin assaulting the building. Escaping to a waiting vehicle outside, they are chase through London’s busy streets before finally managing to shake their pursuers. Moments later, they board an Airbus A380 departing from Heathrow for Washington.

Believing themselves to be safe, the agents, Gabe and Ghorbanifar settle down for the long flight. But only a matter of hours into the journey, they begin to notice a feeling of lightheadedness. Yellow oxygen masks tumble from the ceiling and realising the danger, the team grabs for the cabin crew’s private and far more oxygen-rich air supplies. With the cabin plunged into darkness, they fan out awaiting trouble. Aisha spots a human shape moving impossibly along the aircraft wing. Gaining entrance to the cockpit, Gabe sees a dark plane directly ahead and above their own. He manages a glimpse of the tail number.

Moments later, dark shapes are moving through the cabin. The team moves to engage, but the people – or creatures – move inhumanly fast. Raising her extendable batons, Aisha enters close quarters combat with the taloned monsters and defeats them, but not before they deliver a killing slash to the helpless Ghorbanifar. Aisha checks the bodies of the invading humanoids and finds pale, corrupted skin beneath neoprene suits, still partially covered with frost. Strangely, they seem to be surrounded by a layer of damp, musky soil, filling the gap between their skin and the suits.

As Ghorbanifar slowly bleeds out from her terrible wounds, she hands Aisha the object that so many people died for that day: a mismatched assortment of printed pages and handwritten notes on what appears to have been a novel by Bram Stoker. It is the Dracula Dossier.


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