The Feral Child

Aisha had previously visited a site referred to in the Dossier under the streets of Plaistow, following borrowed satellite thermal imaging. There she had found a rage-filled spectre which had left her nearly for dead. Soon afterwards, children begin to go missing.

After Berne, they decide to return. In the ruins of what they think initially is Carfax, they find the abandoned journal of Jonathan Seward. They also realise that the ruins are actually of his asylum but Carfax is not far away. In both places there’s plenty of evidence of human & vampiric experimentation, the remains of a special forces team from the 1970s and evidence that the entire structure housing the ruins had been reinforced.

Following the trail of bodies across East London, they trave a path to Whitechapel. From Seward’s journal. they discover the story of Lily Corcoran, daughter of Irish immigrants, snatched off the streets by Seward and subjected to various tortures designed to create a vampire, but ultimately created the monster itself. A Ripperologist pointed them at a pub in Whitechapel that had been the Corcoran’s home in 1894, arriving just in time to be attacked by the monster. As it trashed their Range Rover and fled into the night, they’re then assaulted by MI5 agents.

They vanish into the night, stealing a smartphone from one of their pursuers and find that GCHQ have them all on a wanted list. Sanctuary is under observation and, the next day, Mr Peters kills Jim by throwing him off a building into the Cross Rail works.

Aisha soon spots the teenage form of Lily and befriends her. She’s looking for her family, confused by the changes to London in the 120 years since she vanished. She tells Aisha she’s also looking for the ‘bright lady’, pointing to the north-west. Confusion ensues as Lily runs off into the metropolis and the others flee from more MI5 agents. They head for Sanctuary to find it under heavy surveillance. The Dossier is there, but so far there’s no pressing need to get it.

They trace files from Klopstock & Billreurth to the Hillgham Trust, a property management charity which owns various mansions in Hampstead Heath, many of them abandoned. Upon further investigation, they discover one of the houses is the Westenra home, site of Lucy Westenra’s death.

There they meet Langdon again. He explains that Eidolon is a faction within MI6 that is working to bring down not only Edom but Dracula himself. Because they have the Dossier, and have upset things in Berne, Edom have targetted them. The answers, he tells them, and the key to Edom’s downfall, lie in HMS Prosperpine.

At a nearby graveyard, they find what purports to be Lucy’s grave, but it isn’t Lucy in the coffin. Kore speaks to the local deacon, and then they retreat to the house for surveillance. Later, the Deaconb wanders around the house and makes a phone call – soon after a team of MI5 agents show up and assault them.

They escape, capturing one. Private Jeffrey Church of 2 Para was listed as killed in Afghanistan, but claims to have been recruited for this special task force. Using this knowledge against him, they turn him as an asset.

Piecing it all together, they head back to Hillingham and wait for Lily to arrive. Distracting her, Ollie puts a bullet in her head and they watch her turn to dust.

With one problem solved, Kore tells then she’s overheard a conversation between three Edom dukes that they’re about to raid Sanctuary and seize the Dossier. They rush to Poland Street and break in past the MI5 watch team, but are interrupted when an assault helicopter drops more troops on them. They escape with the Dossier – Gabe shooting down the helicopter from a roof across the street – and, after a chase across central London, escape on the river, safely in posession of the Dossier again.


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