Augustus Darvell


“Augustus Darvell” is the name of the main character in Byron’s “Fragment of a Novel,” the unfinished vampire tale that inspired Polidori. In that tale, Darvell falls victim to a vampire and is buried in a Turkish graveyard, only to rise again as one of the undead. Is Darvell’s name a nom de guerre, a joke, or a clue to his vampiric nature?

Darvell looks like a vulture — bald, prominent chin, clawlike hands. He never leaves his cabin aboard The Countess, and the temperature is always chilly inside; he’ll be found wrapped in a Turkish bathrobe and regardless of how the Agents got here, even if they’re pointing guns at him and dripping water and/or bodyguard blood all over his carpet, Darvell gestures for them to sit down and discuss the situation rationally.


Darvell is a mystery. Certainly very old, could he have been corresponding with Abraham van Helsing in the late 1890s? If so, has his life been unnaturally extended?

And what is his connection to the ladies in white?

Augustus Darvell

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